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2303, 2017

CrossFit Games Open WOD 17.5

Workout of the Day

TBC by TDC. Standby.



The end of Open party will be held at Waxy O’Connor’s at 19:00 on Saturday April 1st – all are welcome

Weightlifting will run on Saturday at 10:00

Preschool and kids are on this Saturday at 11:15. There will be no team WOD but we’ll be running further heats of 17.5

Open Protocol

The gym will run the CrossFit Games Open workouts as the WOD on Friday and Monday, all day at every class. We will also run heats on Saturday but these must work around Kids and Weightlifting so we will release details of how that will go once we know what it is. There will be various heats going down so please be patient if you need to wait.

There will be a warmup on the board. If you have any questions, please approach a member of staff, with coffee.

DO NOT leave your bags on the gym floor. Please stow them upstairs out of the way.

The classes will be divided into two with one heat of athletes being judged before the judges become athletes. If you have time and a warm heart please make yourself available for judging in more than one heat. If you need to get to work etc, please ensure that you are in the first heat or tell your boss that you have amoebic dysentery.

Make sure that you record your score on the board so that when you inevitably leave your scoresheet behind, we have a record of your effort. Make sure that you submit your score by the deadline on Monday evening – we can’t fix that one.

Look after the new athletes – make them welcome and give them assistance if required. They are your teammates now.

Get Involved. Have fun. Don’t f**k up. 

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